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International students after joining job

hello! The person in charge of the long-awaited blog has arrived!

Today, I would like to introduce the people who are active and have successfully decided to work.It seems that they are working hard every day to find a place to work safely. Thanks to the staffs of the company.Despite being busy with the nationwide discount, it seems that they have understood the hotel's front desk system in less than half a year since joining, and they are doing their best to respond with "hospitality" unique to Japan. The number of inbound visitors from overseas has increased, and we are very proud to see them working as interpreters.came to Japan from another country where English is not widely spoken, studied the difficult Japanese language, balanced to study and part-time work, and made the most of what had worked so far while sending money to family. We are very happy every time I receive a report from the company that they are working hard like this!

We look forward to your continued success!

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