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Company Name:

Wiz Global Co., Ltd.  (Wiz Global Co., Ltd.)

Established Date:

February 12, 2021


5,000,000 yen

Main Office:

169-0075 Sky Palace Building No. 802, 1-29-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Wiz Academy:

Tokyo School: 169-0075 Sky Palace Building No. 802, 1-29-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Nepal School: Kathmandu Municipality 29, Dillibazar, Kalika Marg 3F, Nepal

Business Content:

Education Service 「Wiz Academy」 (Employment Activity Support School for Foreign)
Recruitment Service 「Wiz Job」 (Licence number: 13-ユ-313193)
Registration support service (SSW Support Licence number: 22 登ー006871)
・Foreign language translation and interpretation services (English, Japanese, Nepali, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Hindi, etc.)


Paudel Om Narayan






Representative greetings

Thank you for visiting our website.
Wiz Global Co., Ltd. operates a foreign employment activity support school (Wiz Academy), human resourse service (Wiz job) and registration support service with the goal of solving the problem of human resources shortage in Japan. 

After graduation of Master's Degree in my home country Nepal, I worked as a university teacher for two years in my country and came to Japan for study abroad in December 2014. I have studied psychology at the Faculty of Education.  I got a chance to work at a staffing agency after graduating from graduate school research at the International University of Health and Welfare. I experienced and felt a big gap between foreign human resources and Japanese companies.

・ Shortage of human resources in Japanese companies
・ Delay of Japanese companies hiring foreigners
・ Even getting job at a Japanese company, foreigners cannot work for a long time.
・ Differences in working styles between Japan and overseas

I thought, I could contribute as much as possible to solve these problems, and established the company ''Wiz Global'' in February 2021.
We will do our utmost to achieve the satisfaction of all people involved in Wiz Global, including our business partners, students and human resources, as well as employees and their families.

We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.

Wiz Global Co., Ltd.
Representative (CEO)
Paudel Om Narayan

Wiz Global Team


After graduating from a four-year university in Tokyo, I got a job at a staffing agency in Shinagawa. Then traveled to Ireland on a working holiday to work as a staff member at a five-star hotel.  After returning to Japan, I worked at a hotel in Japan and currently working at Wiz Global as a manager role.
My hobbies are watching soccer, watching movies, and traveling.


His Previous job was at an IT company in Shibuya. He works as a help desk and app verification.He was interested in the human resources industry and got a job at Wiz Global.He is currently a sales activity and teacher at Wiz Global.He wants to expand the range of hiring foreigners by making use of his knowledge of IT.
His hobbies are basketball, soccer and listening to music.

Student Counsellor , Nepalese

​Study abroad in Japan in 2017. Graduated from a specialized field in March 2021 and joined Wiz Global Co., Ltd. as a student in charge. I speak Nepali, English and Japanese.

Student Counsellor , Sri Lankan

I studied business marketing and social media engineering in my home country and Studied International Business and etiquette, leadership and management as a member of society in Japan. I can speak Sri Lankan, English and Japanese language.



Student Counsellor

In 2018, I studied Japanese at Waseda University's School of International Liberal Studies. In March 2022, I graduated from Shinjuku Information Business Specialist College and subsequently joined Wiz Global Co., Ltd. as a representative for Myanmar. I am fluent in Burmese, English, and Japanese. My hobbies include playing soccer and traveling.

Moriya Anji


I went to Toronto of Canada for studying abroad after I graduated college and  I have learned culture of the country. After I came back, I have worked to Wiz Global.
My hobby is watching movies, anime and traveling.

Yuka Kuwabara


After studying psychology at university, I worked in sales upon graduation. Later, I became interested in the human resources industry and joined Wiz Global. I have a passion for music and often spend my weekends attending live concerts, festivals, and theme parks.


For inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or LINE.

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