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What's Wiz Academy?

What is Wiz Academy?

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Wiz Academy is an employment activity support school for foreigner run by Wiz Global Co., Ltd. with the goal of solving the problem of human resources shortage in Japan. We offer classes in Japanese business manners, customer service, Japanese, English, etc. with our own curriculum.  So that, students can work for a long time at a Japanese company. In addition, we also offer courses for specific skill test preparation and TOEIC preparation according to the wishes of students.


Foreigner employment activity support course

Our unique curriculum, Wiz Academy , develops foreign human resources who can work for a long time in Japan.
In order to work for a long time at a Japanese company, you will learn basic Japanese business etiquette, customer service Japanese, English, and differences from your own country, as well as classes and training such as creating resumes and resumes for job hunting and interview preparation. I am doing.

Course for specified skills Workers(SSW)  test

We are conducting exam oriented classes of nursing care, restaurant service , hotel service, food and beverage manufacturing,  fishing and more.


Special Course

We also offer special courses of student's wishes.
for example:
IELTS Class and more

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Wiz Academy's Student


For inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or LINE.

We are also conducting a survey, so please respond!

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