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What's Wiz Job?

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Wiz Job is an introduction of foreign human resources operated by Wiz Global Co., Ltd. with the goal of solving the problem of human resources shortage in Japan.

Merits to hire from Wiz Job.


High recruitment rate and low commission

The personnel to be introduced are students who have received the curriculum of our Wiz Academy , so there are few mismatches and the hiring rate is high.

In addition, we will introduce you from the interview to joining the company at a price of 0 yen, which is cheaper than other companies. (We can also discuss the amount)


High quality human resources

We only introduce trainees at Wiz Academy to companies, and we will introduce human resources who are willing to do their best no matter what.

Japanese level is also equivalent to Japanese business level (N2)


Visa application / moving support

We would like to introduce an administrative scrivener specializing in foreign work visas. The administrative scrivener will take care of the procedure. In addition, if there are students who need to move to work, we will also support you in finding a new location. (There is our partner real estate company)


Follow-up after joining the company

Since only students who have been educated at Wiz Academy , there will be almost no trouble after joining the company. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with a student after joining the company, you can consult and support.

In the unlikely event that you quit within six months of joining the company for your own convenience, we can introduce you to a substitute student.

Characteristics of the introduce human resources

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Who would you hire?

Human resources that can be hired are classified into three types.


[Job hunters]
The students of our school (Wiz Academy) are not only expected to graduate in April,  there are also students who can be hired at the timing of hiring companies.


[Job changer]
You can also hire employer who have working experience in Japanese companies.


[Human resources from overseas]
You can also hire human resources from overseas, who have full-time work experience in their home country or Japan and have returned to their home countries.

Foreigner's work visa

Foreigners are required to obtain a work visa in order to work in Japan in the same way as Japanese. We would like to introduce an administrative scrivener specializing in foreign work visas. The administrative scrivener will take care of the procedure. It takes about 1 to 3 months to get a work visa.

Recruitment flow

(5 minutes)

Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Job Information
(1 business day)

We will hear about the job information and the image of human resources that companies are looking.

(7 business days)

We support web interviews also, not only face to face interviews.

Job Offer
(1 business day)

If employee pass the interview, please give us a letter of appointment. 

Visa Application
(15-30 business days)

The affiliated administrative scrivener will contact you and you need to prepare the application documents only.

Get a visa
(30-90 business days)

We will contact you as soon as when employee get the working visa.

Joined the Company
(15 business days after getting the working visa)

It is the job starting time . We consult and support even after joining the company.

If employee changing jobs, employee can join the company within 15-30 business days after hiring.



How long does it take to join the company?

It will be 2 to 3 months at the shortest. Depending on the examination status of the Immigration Bureau, joining the company may be delayed. If you change jobs, you can join the company in about a month.

I'm new to hiring foreigners, so I'm worried about applying for a visa.

​We would like to introduce an administrative scrivener specializing in foreign work visas. The administrative scrivener will take care of the procedure.

There is no dormitory and there is no time to find a new address.

We have a partner real estate company to help you find a new address.

Can foreigners work 40 hours a week?

If foreigners get a work visa, They can do it full-time just like Japanese people.

Can foreigners speak Japanese?

​They can speak Japanese equivalent to business level (N2).


For inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or LINE.

We are also conducting a survey, so please respond!

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