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It is an organization that supports the creation of support plans and the stable and smooth activities of NPO No. 1 on behalf of companies that accept foreign human resources (institutions belonging to specified skills).

What's Specified Skilled Workers (SSW)?

What is a specific skill?

As Japan's serious labor shortage accelerates, the status of residence "Specified Skilled Worker" is attracting attention as a labor force.

In the past, technical and specialized foreign workers called white-collar workers were accepted, but with the aim of resolving the labor shortage in Japan, acceptance has begun in 12 fields where labor shortages are particularly pronounced.

[12 fields (former 14 fields) that are acceptable for specific skills]




Car maintenance






Restaurant business




Building cleaning






Food and drink manufacturing industry


Shipbuilding and marine industry


Shapes, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic information related manufacturing industry

[14 fields that can be accepted with specific skills]

* Specified Skilled Worker No. 1 can be accepted in 14 fields
* Specific Skill 2 can be accepted only in 2 fields  ( construction, shipbuilding, marine industry ).

Points of "Specific Skill 1" residence status

Period of stay: 5 years in total
* Can be changed to "Specific Skill No. 2" after the completion of "Specific Skill No. 1"


○ Japanese Level:
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 above, or 200 points above in the International Exchange Basic Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JFT Basic Test)

○ Skill Level:
Passed the technical intern training for each field of acceptance * Exemption for those who have completed technical intern training No. 2


Wiz Global support these to skilled workers


Explain the contents of the employment contract and salary system in a language that can be understood by the person

Advance guidance


Support for housing, mobile phones, opening of banks, etc.

Livelihood essential contract support


8-hour orientation such as garbage disposal rules and disaster response

Live training


Providing information such as information on Japanese language classes and teaching materials for learning Japanese language

Providing a Japanese language learning machine

コールセンターの人物アイコン素材 その3.png

Support for changing jobs when dismissed due to the circumstances of the receiving company

Career change support


Transfer to the airport at the time of departure

Pick-up and drop-off


Continued accompaniment and support for social security, taxes, etc. as needed

Public follow-up

日本の国旗 2.png

A system for receiving complaints and consultations in a language that foreigners can understand

Responding to complaints and consultations


The person in charge of support holds at least one interview with a foreign person and his / her boss every three months.

Regular talks


Create opportunities to interact with Japanese people by providing information on local festivals and events.

Promotion of exchanges with Japanese people

Benefits of using Wiz Global


Prevent mismatches

We understand the image of the person you are looking for and provide education by the time you contact us.


Prevents troubles after entering the company

We only introduce trainees at Wiz Academy to companies, and we will introduce human resources who are willing to do their best no matter what.

Japanese level is also equivalent to Japanese business level (N2)


Visa application procedure support

We would like to introduce you to the administrative documents specializing in foreign work visas. Since the administration book will take care of the continuation, there is no problem if the company prepares the necessary documents.


Referral fee is cheaper than other companies

Post-company fee is cheaper than other companies, support consignment fee to be paid every month is also cheaper than other companies (in the case of other companies, support consignment fee is paid 30,000 to 50,000 every month until retirement May be).

Two people shaking hands

Persons registered in Wiz Global

History of stay in Japan:

3 years or more (after graduating from Japanese language school, go to a specialized school, etc.)

Overseas personnel:

Persons who have returned from Japan or have qualifications for specific skills in the country


Higher or higher graduate or higher graduate (including academic background in the country)



Country of Citizenship:

Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, etc.


Japanese / Japanese / English

Japanese language ability:

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Passed N4 to N2

Successful proficiency test:

Skill test by acceptance field

Work experience:

Permanent or part-time job experience overseas, part-time job or full-time employee experience in Japan

Flow of hiring specific skills worker

メールのアイコン素材 その2.png

1) Inquiries

Please contact us from the inquiry form.


2) Counseling & Hearing

We will hear about the job information of companies and the image of human resources they are looking for so that mismatches do not occur.


3) Interview / informal decision

We support not only local interviews but also web interviews. If you are interviewed, please give us a letter of informal appointment.


4) Visa application / visa acquisition

I will apply for a visa after the offer. The affiliated administrative scrivener will contact you, so you need to prepare the application documents. We will contact the company as soon as we get a visa.

コールセンターの人物アイコン素材 その3.png

5) Support stats for specific skills

We will support you as a registration support service even before you join the company. We provide support such as advance guidance and transportation.


6) Joined the company

We will support you to join the company on a day that is convenient for you.


7) Support after joining the company

We will provide regular interviews and other necessary support at any time (continuous support).

Price plan



What form of employment can I apply for a visa?

The employment form of No. 1 and No. 2 is a full-time employee (full-time work) and is directly hired by the company. No. 1 has a total period of stay of 5 years, and family members are not allowed to accompany them. After the period of stay of No. 1 is over, it can be changed to No. 2. No. 2 has no restrictions on the period of stay, and family members are allowed to accompany them. You can also change jobs. After completing issue 2, you can apply for permanent residence.

How is social insurance and tax treated?

It's basically the same as a Japanese person.

How about moving a student?

If your company does not have a dormitory, we can also support you in introducing your home. However, we may ask you to cooperate with us on the basis of fees and guarantees.

What is the possibility of declining a student's job offer?

There is a possibility that students will apply for multiple companies and decline the offer. Foreigners are more likely to get a job at a company that has received a job offer early, so getting results early is an important point in securing human resources.

Our employees can only speak Japanese, are you strong?

In order to obtain the status of residence of Specified Skill No. 1, it is necessary to pass N4 or higher of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The N4 level is a level where you can have a daily conversation, so even if the recipient can only speak the Japanese language, you will be able to communicate well.

If you ask now, when will you start working?

I think it will be cheaper for about 3 months to 6 months after receiving your request. It will take some time before you can actually start working because you will need to take various steps such as recruitment, contact, visa application, etc. at the site. A medium- to long-term plan is needed.

Can I ask for education?

We provide Japanese language education within the company. We also back up the education staff so that the hired foreign materials can work smoothly, such as support for acquiring qualifications.

Is it possible to switch technical intern training to a specific skill?

It is possible to switch to any industry that can be accepted with specific skills. You will need to continue with the change of status of residence.

I'm worried because I've never hired a foreigner.

We have accumulated know-how on hiring foreigners. Please be assured that we will give appropriate lectures based on these know-hows and provide generous support.

I don't have a dormitory, but is it okay?

In the case of specific skills, it is necessary to prepare a dormitory. If you do not have a dormitory, you can use our partner real estate.

Can I work 40 hours a week like Japanese people?

You can work full-time just like Japanese people.


For inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or LINE.

We are also conducting a survey, so please respond!

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