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About Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam

Hello everyone!

My name is Takahashi and I am a student teacher at Wiz Global Co., Ltd.

Although he has just joined the company, he meets various people and enjoys his work every day! In my Takahashi blog, I would like to introduce Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, where many of Wiz Global's members belong! Let's see what each country is like!

First Nepal 🇳🇵

8 hours and 13 minutes by plane from Japan

Lowest price ¥70,000

Besides temples, Nepal is a country known for the Himalayas where Mount Everest is located! The labyrinthine old city of Kathmandu, the capital, is filled with Hindu and Buddhist temples. Swayambhunath is one of the most famous temples in Nepal, located in the valley of Kathmandu. There are monkeys living there, and they seem to be on the roof of the temple! It is also a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual country, where ethnic groups and castes are intricately related.

Economically, it is a least developed country, and agriculture is the main industry. The tourism industry such as Himalayan tourism is also thriving.

Next Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

9 hours and 40 minutes by plane from Japan

The lowest price is around ¥100,000

Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of landscapes, from rainforests to dry plains, highlands and sandy beaches. There are many ruins, and he seems to have many ruins more than 2,000 years ago in Sri Lanka's ancient capital Anuradhapura! The name of the country, Sri Lanka, comes from the Sinhala language and means "the island of radiance." In addition, the lion holding the sword in the national flag has been a symbol since the Sinhala dynasty, and is based on the founding myth that the royal family is descended from the lion. It is cool!

Finally Vietnam 🇻🇳

5 hours and 46 minutes by plane from Japan

The lowest price is around ¥90,000

Vietnam is known as a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea.

There are also vibrant cities, including the capital, Hanoi, with a huge marble mausoleum built to honor the country's leading communist leader, Ho Chi Minh City. It is said that the secret to the deliciousness of Vietnamese cuisine lies in the five flavors, five colors, and two scents. Five tastes: salty, sour, pungent, sweet, and rich. Five colors: black, red, blue (green), white, yellow. "Nika": Good fragrance, fragrance. It seems that the secret to making delicious dishes is to add as many of these as possible!

From now on, I would like to introduce any cultural differences that I find interesting!

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