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Hospitality and Future of International Students

Hello! This is Sone from Wiz Global Co., Ltd.

The other day, I visited a ryokan in Hakone, where I am always indebted. Many students who joined from Wiz Academy are enrolled in this ryokan. I wore a ryokan uniform and worked like a different person than when I was at Wiz Academy. Not only did he improve his Japanese, but he was also impressed by the way he treats customers regardless of nationality as a member of society in Japan.

When I saw students working at a ryokan and talked to the manager, I realized something. Each ryokan has its own characteristics and culture. However, it is not enough just to be good at Japanese.It made me think about the importance of matching from various perspectives, such as smiles, personalities, and compatibility with existing staff. The appearance and facilities of a hotel or ryokan may be important, but I believe that the hospitality of the staff is what leaves the most impression on our customers. In that sense, it may be an exaggeration, but I feel that our work forms the foundation of each ryokan's hospitality.

It has long been said that there will be a shortage of working population in Japan in the future, but that time has already come. Coexistence with not only Japanese people but also foreign nationals is essential for the future of Japan. Wiz Global will continue to strive to become the leader of such times!

Please continue to use Wiz Global.

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