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Why Wiz Global is running a school (Wiz Academy) conjunction with recruiting ?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Greetings from the representative of our website,

"When foreigner are working in Japan, we fell a big gap between foreign human resources and Japanese companies.

In order to solve this gap, we are not doing only recruiting, but also educating.

What is the gap ? Here are the some gaps of the things that I we experienced in this job.



・Tax system

・ Difference between part-time job and regular employee.

First of all, What is appearance ? most common one is beard.

Foreigner people are working with beards even in the hospitality industry such as hotels. In Japan, it depends on the company, but basically they are out at the time of the interview.

Especially in rules, They need to reach 5 minutes ago but lot of people haven't been able to do this.1 in 10 students come 5 minutes before at the actual class.

Regarding the tax system, it is about the amount that is deducted from the salary. Many students who have never worked as a full-time employee and do not have knowledge about tax systems, such as income tax and social insurance. Therefore, after joining the company, some employee complain about the difference between the face value and the real got salary.

Finally, there is the difference between part-time and full-time employees. The tax system I mentioned earlier, and students have a sense of responsibility (attitude towards work, absence from work, etc.), but students work like a part-time job and extension of a part-time job.

There are many other causes besides these four, but I wrote above the parts that I feel particularly. At Wiz Global, we are educating business manners to eliminate this gap before joining the company. By doing this, it will lead to the prevention of short-term turnover after joining the company. Unfortunately, there are some students who leave their jobs for reasons such as not being a good match for their job.

Thank you for reading this long article and continued support to Wiz Global.

Next time, I'll post this types of article again.

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