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Arrival of spring

Hello Everyone

My name is Kuwahara from Wiz Global.

These days, as I watch the news reporting the cherry blossoms blooming day by day, I can't help but feel that spring has come before I knew it. Come to think of it, in Japan, there seems to be a spotlight on the way cherry blossoms "dance."

Even when recalling famous cherry blossom songs in Japan, there are many phrases like "dancing," "falling," and so on.We are fascinated by the cherry blossoms, feeling the long-awaited arrival of spring and being enchanted by their fleeting nature, blooming only to scatter immediately.

I feel that people from other countries might perceive it differently, and that adds to the interest. While experiencing such differences in culture and sensibility every day, we continue to work. The other day, we celebrated the birthday of our Sri Lankan staff together ◎

Every time a staff member has a birthday, we gather around a cake and celebrate together.Although we mainly work individually, having such a homely atmosphere makes it a wonderful workplace.

I will continue to do my best as a member of Wiz Global from now on!


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