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Specified Skills Worker Transportation and Interaction with Students After Work

I had the opportunity to provide transportation for an individual who had received a job offer in the accommodation industry under the specific skills category. The location was a hot spring inn in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture!

I had the opportunity to stay at the inn, and it was an incredibly luxurious experience. I enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountains and river from my room, as well as a delightful hot spring bath. We had introduced two Myanmar women who had obtained skilled worker visas to this inn, and both of them took the time to come and greet us. One of them was working at the front desk, and I was deeply impressed by how seamlessly they were integrated with the Japanese staff, providing service on par with their Japanese counterparts. The other individual had a relaxed conversation with the representative, and I could sense their dedication to their work and how well they fit into an environment where almost everyone was Japanese. This was very reassuring to me. Additionally, thanks to the representative's generosity, I had the opportunity to dine out with the two Myanmar women and a Sri Lankan individual, whom I had also picked up and dropped off!

We had a casual conversation in which we each talked about our future plans, and the participants themselves said that they were satisfied with their current jobs and wanted to do their best.

We hope to alleviate Japan's human resource shortage problem as much as possible and create a win-win relationship between companies and foreign nationals!

At Wiz Global, we hire individuals with a high level of Japanese language proficiency from various nationalities. We aspire to work in Japan with a strong determination to improve our lives, driven by our dreams and the challenges in our home countries. We would be delighted to serve as a bridge between individuals like us and recruiting companies grappling with a shortage of human resources.


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