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Nice Relationship


This is Hagiya from Wiz Global Co., Ltd.

I'm not very good at writing blogs, but I hope you can join me.

It's almost June. Actually, it's only been 10 months since I started working. It's not just Japanese people who work with us! So every day is fun. However, I think that I might be the person who came from overseas the most (Although I'm Japanese) . I also really like being able to talk with people from various companies and nationalities. I am always learning and sharing cultural differences and values ​​from everyone involved.

In late March, Our student was offered a job at a Ryokan of Shizuoka where a Nepalese woman works. During Golden Week in May, I was indebted to a ryokan in Kyoto where people from Nepal and Vietnam are working.I was impressed by the way she tried their best to explain in Japanese. She is doing her best from the company. Thank you very much from the students for being able to talk to me. I'm glad I'm doing my job by being told that ~ let's do our best! ★I will continue to do my best to create wonderful relationships♪

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